Instagram Video Downloader

Imagine as if you are surfing the Instagram feed and come across any video that you love. You might want to download it. Right? Also, you want to download Instagram videos at very high quality without requesting the owner of the video to send it to you. Here we have an Insta Video Downloader for you that will help you do so!

Why do you need Video Downloader for Instagram?

Instagram downloading tool will help you to download large number of videos from Instagram very easily and conveniently without letting the account holder know about it. This Instagram video downloader is created to help you to download Instagram videos in high quality.

This IG Tool for downloading Instagram videos directly to your smartphone is worth using. It can operate on any kind of device whether it is a smartphone, MAC, or PC etc. In only two clicks and a few seconds, you may download Instagram video in its original quality.

In truth, you may find many primary reasons to start using Instagram Video Downloader. So, let’s get started!

Reasons to download Instagram videos with Instagram video downloader:

Keeps a backup of all the picture & videos.

Assume that you had a conference or a wedding last night and you want to download all those photos and videos of that event in your phone in high quality. To maintain the video quality, you need to use Instastory Video Downloader.

Using this IG tool will help you to save all your memories in your phone’s gallery and save them forever even if you lose your IG account or forget its password. Isn’t it worth using? Off course, it is.

Download videos from your own IG account.

Maybe you captured some pictures and videos in the past and do not have them in your phone. You might be thinking to download them now. How to do it? And the answer is very simple. Use Video Downloader for Instagram and get your task done in minutes.

Instagram downloading tool has made your lives easier by solving your problem in a matter of seconds. Hurry up and start using this IG tools to get photos and videos in highest quality.

Download videos to get ideas for content creation.

When we talk about Instagram Video Downloader, the first thing that springs to mind is using it to get ideas. This is the process of downloading videos from IG that you find to be really useful, inspirational, and engaging. Perhaps it can give you ideas to create content in the future. You might wish to investigate and do analyses of videos produced by your top rivals or competitors. These videos may provide you with more content production ideas.

Save your favorite Instagram videos.

Another common reason for using Insta Video Downloader is to save some incredible and inspiring videos from IG. You might want to get ideas from those engaging videos and create a similar type of content for your audience too. Another situation can be that you are following an IG influencer and want to copy his unique techniques to build large number of audience and earn reputation. Maybe you have liked any video and do not want to lose that idea. So, in all these situations it's best to save it off the internet if you're not sure this blogger will maintain the content in his posts or not. That's all there is to it: copy, paste, then hit the download button.

Steps to download Instagram videos using Instagram video downloader:

Follow these steps if you are willing to download video with the help of Instastory Video Downloader for Instagram.

  1. The first and most important step is to open the Instagram app and search for the video you want to download. After you are done locating the video, you will see three dots in the top right corner. Click on them and you'll notice a box with several options. Select the option to "Copy link” to save the URL.
  2. After you've copied the video URL, go to the Video Downloader for Instagram.
  3. To save videos from Instagram, enter the URL into the address bar and select the folder where you want the video to be saved. The download procedure will begin in a few seconds. The length of time it takes is determined by the video's quality. In a few seconds or more, the IG downloader will save the entire video to your device.

That’s all! Isn’t it simple and easy? Now it’s your turn to follow all these steps and download Instagram videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Instagram video downloader and how to use it?
Instastory Video Downloader is a tool used to download videos from Instagram in a very easy way. This IG Tools is designed in such as way that you can add username or link of the video you want to save and press the download button. Your video will be downloaded within minutes.
2. Can I use Instagram Video Downloader to save Instagram photos?
Instagram Video Downloader is designed to download videos only. But we have another Instastory tool named Instagram Photo Downloader. You can use that tool if you want to download photos.
3. Is it safe and legal to use Video Downloader for Instagram?

Yes, it is completely safe and legal to use Instagram downloading tool in order to download videos from any IG account. But it should be noted that when you save the videos that other users have posted to their accounts, remember one important rule: you can save any content, but it must be used for personal purposes exclusively.

It is allowed to download someone's content for offline viewing, but you cannot resell it. Otherwise, you should contact the creator and cite their video every time you publish it.

4. Is it against the law to download videos from Instagram that aren't public?

No, downloading videos is not illegal. This is a very wrong assumption that you cannot download private IG videos because it is illegal. All Instagram videos that have been published on the social media platform are available for download.

After you download videos from Instagram, there are certain limits that you are you going to reuse them: you must always give acknowledgment to the creators, especially if you're utilizing it for commercial purposes.

5. Is it possible to download all the IG videos at a time in bulk?
No, that’s not recommended actually. You can paste the URL of the videos you wish to download. Download the videos one by one using Video Downloader Instagram. In this way, your download will finished earlier, and you will not miss any video that needs to be downloaded.
6. Which device should I use to download Instagram videos?
You may download video from any device that has a browser. Our Instagram downloader is a web-based application. All you have to do is copy the URL from Instagram and put it into the IG tool. Any device may be used to download Instagram videos. You can either use a computer, PC, desktop, laptop, Mac, iPhone, or any other smartphone can be used.