Instagram Stories Downloader

Instagram stories appear for 24 hours. Isn’t it? So, how to save it for lifetime? How to download Instagram stories for later use?

Every Instagram user is concerned about it these days because we all know that Instagram stories have a limited lifespan, and they disappear after 24 hours. In today’s time there is a need for an IG stories downloader. Simply said, Instagram Stories Downloader is a tool that allows you to download Instagram stories to your smartphone to save it for future use.

Reasons on why you should use Instagram Stories Downloader.

Downloading IG Stories using IG Downloader is legal.

AWe assure you that if you download IG stories using Instagram Stories Downloader it is going to be worth it! It is not illegal so relax and copy the URL of your favorite video and get it downloaded using IG Downloader.

Instagram stories content serve as an inspiration for you.

If you are an everyday IG user you might come across variety of videos whose content might inspire you. Being an IG influencer, you can gather variety of ideas for your audience. Using those ideas, you can create your own engaging content that motivates people around you. So, to download videos use Instastory Downloader.

Enjoy downloaded IG stories anytime on your phone.

When an IG story is saved on to your phone, you may access and enjoy any downloaded Instagram stories at any time. However, be aware that you can post that same content for your use rather you can only copy the idea and reshape that idea into a new and appealing IG post. On the other hand, if you use another person's story for your own purposes later, please credit the creator of the Instagram story to whom the rights belong. For example, if you use a downloaded Insta story sometime later as your IG post, it is necessary to give credits to the creator.

It doesn’t cost to download IG stories!

If you paste the URL of the IG video one by one and do not have bulk of IG stories to get downloaded then Stories Downloader for Instagram is the best option for you. Simply put in the desired URL and click the download button. Your IG stories will be downloaded instantly.

Stories Downloader for Instagram - Download Instagram stories on your phone!

The very first step is to open your Instagram app on your phone or tablet. Next, choose an Instagram account with a compelling narrative. And then just copy the account's Instagram username and paste it into the input field. Select "Download" from the drop-down menu. So, you've got an Instagram story on your phone now.

Instagram Stories Downloader – Download Instagram stories on your computer!

Downloading IG stories on a computer is almost the same way as that on a phone. Open up the story that you want to download. Copy and paste your Instagram username. The username should then be pasted into the search box. To save an IG story, you need to click the "Download" option. You may save any IG story to your PC by selecting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Instagram Stories Downloader?
IG Story Downloader is a tool that is used to download IG stories and save it offline in your phone’s gallery for as much time as you want.
2. Can the user know that I have downloaded his/her IG story?
No, you will download Instagram stories from someone’s account using Instagram Stories Downloader. And the user will not be notified about it. It is hidden and completely safe.
3. Is it permitted to download IG stories using IG tool?
Yes, it is completely legal to download any IG content unless and until you use someone’s content without giving him credits. It is recommended to take help from the downloaded Instagram stories and gather ideas from there, but it is not at all acceptable to use the original story content as yours. You need to give credits to that person otherwise that would be prohibited.
4. How can I see Instagram stories anonymously?
You can use to view Instagram stories without letting that person know.
5. Where are the IG stories saved after downloading from IG Downloader?
If we're talking about your computer, the downloaded Instagram stories can be found under the "Downloads" folder. If we're talking about your phone, the downloaded Insta story may be found in your phone’s gallery.